Professional Development

Professional Development Overview:
Troxell’s approach to educating all educators (i.e. classroom teachers, administrators, office staff, staff developers, and others) involves more than imparting technical expertise. We focus on developing a culture that promotes adult learning in a comfortable, supportive atmosphere that makes change and growth a daily reality. We help teachers and administrators make this change in attitude where meeting desired school standards and students’ needs will be at the core of our professional development. We believe that our professional development programs help teachers improve their instructional practices, which support all students as they meet standards of excellence.


Our professional development programs focus on issues that matter to teachers and administrators, assisting them in infusing technology into their regular curriculum to enhance student learning and efficiency. While we recognize that many schools are undergoing numerous changes, including the adoption of new curriculum standards, we believe we set the standard for providing professional development programs that help teachers deliver K-12 standards-based instruction that includes appropriate technology use.

Planning is paramount. Although we offer a library of pre-designed workshops in today’s most popular classroom technologies, our approach requires varying levels of customization so that offerings align and/or are adjusted to meet the school’s specific needs and objectives.

Recommended Professional Development Options:
Troxell’s One-to-One solutions for professional development are designed to facilitate integration of curriculum by teachers through a hands-on, modeling approach to instruction. We use the IDDEASM instructional design model to build our workshops with learner outcomes at the forefront of our planning.

Troxell can easily build a comprehensive plan in collaboration with site-based school administrators to maximize the success of one-to-one initiatives. Whether aligning to Common Core Standards, the respective PARCC/SBAC assessments and/or Next Generation Science Standards, our professional development would be aligned to support those specific goals and objectives.

Below are some of our recommended workshops to support One-to-One success:

• Chromebooks and Web 2.0
• Introduction to Google Apps
• Google Apps Meets Common Core
• Google Site Creation and Management
• The Flipped Classroom