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November 2013, What’s New

The Troxell 1:1 Learning Suite ( provides solutions for each element of a 1:1 program, including mobile devices, mobile peripherals and accessories, mobile device management, learning management system, content filtering, collaboration software, configuration services, wireless network infrastructure, curriculum and content, and leasing. For instance, schools can lease Chromebooks or purchase a bundled solution of education software. The company has also introduced an affordable mix of 1:1 mobile peripherals and accessories, combining product lines like Anthro, Bretford, Califone, and Aver.

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Jesup Elementary School Welcomes Students With Interactive Projectors

Opening its doors to students for the first time on Thursday, August 8, Jesup Elementary School in Wayne County, Georgia, was fully prepared. With Hitachi CP-AW2519N projectors for each of its 54 classrooms, Jesup is an example of successful interaction between integrators, architects, and school designers.

“I’ve been working with the Wayne County School System for the last 18 months,” said Daniel Cooper, Georgia Account Executive for Troxell Communications, which sold and installed the projectors. “The school was designed with budget and technology needs in mind.”  - See more at:

 “I’ve been working with the Wayne County School System for the last 18 months,” said Daniel Cooper, Georgia Account Executive for Troxell Communications, which sold and installed the projectors. “The school was designed with budget and technology needs in mind.”

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Troxell Communications Announces Authorized Reseller Status for Key Product Lines and the Launch of “Troxell 1:1 Learning Suite” Product Offering

As one-to-one(1:1) technology products such as Chromebooks, iPads, tablets and other mobile learning solutions continue to permeate K-12 school districts and higher education, Troxell Communications is proud to announce authorized reseller status for several major 1:1 product lines including Lightspeed Systems, Google Chromebook, Google Management Console, and the launch of Troxell 1:1 Learning Suite, a comprehensive K12 product offering of integrated, branded mobile solutions.

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News and Trends: Are Schools Getting a Big Enough Bang for Their Education Technology Buck?

A recent study from the Center for American Progress concludes that too many students are using technology for lower-order skills, such as drill and practice programs. The report, “Are Schools Getting a Big Enough Bang for Their Education Technology Buck?” argues that, in order to compete globally, students must be prepared to use computers in more advanced ways and sets forth a series of recommendations aimed at helping schools make the most of their investments in technology. Among the findings are the following:

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Six Reasons Educators Say They Are Choosing Chromebooks Over iPads, Netbooks And PCs

The global shift in education technology means that in the future the ten billion dollars once spent by schools mostly on PCs will be divided between tablets, Chromebooks and netbooks. But will the lion’s share of the market go to Apple? Or Google? Or some other player? Or will it be evenly divided?

Although Apple’s iPad is currently the mobile device of choice, the majority of the market is still up for grabs, and there are some compelling reasons why educators recently have begun to choose Chromebooks over iPads, Netbooks and PCs. 

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TCO:  The True Cost of Tech (True Cost of Ownership):

One tool in every IT manager’s arsenal is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We use it regularly to make thoughtful purchasing decisions. In my struggle to be more creative with handling my budget, I decided to revisit TCO and see if some of its concepts made sense when looking at replacing computers.

At Council Rock School District, we had long been in the cycle of replacing computers every four years. The driver behind this was that our computers were purchased via lease, which allowed us to regularly refresh our systems. Because we are a large district, we cannot possibly replace everything every year, so we broke out the process into four separate leases, on four-year cycles. That changed two years ago, when our business manager changed, and the leases went away. Computer refreshing is now part of my annual operating budget.

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K12 Horizon Report Released - June 2013

The K-12 2013 Horizon Report, released in June, gives us a glimpse into the classrooms of the near future. The Horizon Report highlights K-12 emerging technologies that will affect teaching, research, learning, and creative inquiry in higher education. A timeline details when these technologies are predicted to have the most impact in those areas.

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Utah Schools Approve Expansion of One to One Learning Pilot.

iSchool Campus™ has been selected by the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) to continue deploying whole-school technology in Utah public schools through the expansion of the Smart School Technology Pilot Program. The expansion represents the broad-scale implementation of  one-to-one mobile technology in the classroom.

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 Lightspeed Systems and New Partner Intel Extend Safe Mobile Learning

Lightspeed Systems Cloud Filter offered with Intel Education Solutions to give students safe access to the Web

Students around the world will have safe monitored access to learning resources, with the Lightspeed Systems Cloud Filter offered through Intel® Education Solutions

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Special Report: 1:1 learning DOs and DON'Ts, from We Are Teachers and Troxell Communications

Each morning, when Laura Rahn’s class of fourth grade students entered their classroom at Mountainview Elementary School in Loudoun County, VA, they got their laptops from the charging station, completed their daily math fluency practice, and checked EdModo for the day’s instructions. The laptops “didn’t replace me or become the full instruction for the day,” says Rahn, “they were an additional learning tool.”

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Announcing: Troxell 1:1 Learning Suite for K12

Troxell has solutions for every element of your 1:1 mobile learning plans. Troxell is the only nationwide, field sales-backed reseller for Lightspeed Systems. If you are considering Lightspeed Systems’ Content Filter solution or their Mobile Device/Learning Management solutions, please contact Troxell today for immediate solution pricing.

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