Get Full Confidence with Content Filtering

There is no doubt that content and curriculum choices drive many decisions about mobile devices and management tools. Content filtering for web, email and other content make your learning environment safe and collaborative. And it’s crucial for creating a classroom conducive to learning. 

CIPA requirements mandate that all districts which make Internet access available need to invest in filtering software for the blocking of information not suitable for children.


Troxell Is The Largest Nationwide Reseller Of Lightspeed Systems

Troxell is proud offer you the best in content filtering from Lightspeed Systems.

Web filtering solutions have been available from Lightspeed Systems since 1999. Call your Troxell Account Executive today for a quote and to find out how this solution can be bundled with the full Lightspeed offering for LMS and MDM.


Lightspeed Systems’ offering includes these exciting solutions:

  • Rockets for Filtering Web, Email and other Content
  • Collaborative Filter
  • Email Management
  • Power Management
  • Mobile Manager
  • Device Management
  • My Big Campus®


For more information about CIPA regulations, visit: